Simple Exercise Jisse Body Ke Har Part Ki Kasrat Ho Jaye

No time for a full workout today? No sweat. Agar aap sirf one minute bhi free paate ho to, aap easily fitness paane ke liye humare through jo exercise provide kari jaa rahi hai vo follow kar skate ho. Ab exercise ki baat kare to doston hum in mamlo me mostly people bahut lazy hote jaa rahe hai. Vo ek din karenge phir next day karenge but uske next day lazy ho jaate hai. Sochte hai kon karenga chalo choro kal kar lenge. But hum bhul jaate hai agar hume body shape me chahiye to hume workout bhi karna jaroori hai. So don’t forget to do workout and apne lazy ko avoid karna sikhe. Its good for your health. Exercise karne se facilitate movement, produce heat to keep us warm, stabilize our joints, posture maintain hota hai ya aap keh sakte ho ki exercise karne ke benefit milte hai. So here we are providing you some simple exercise for everyone can use easily in simple way. Just check out below……..

Simple Exercise Jisse Body Ke Har Part Ki Kasrat Ho Jaye

  1. Stretch Your Body in Four Direction

Ye bahut hi easy or simple exercise hai. Isme aapne jyada kuch nahi karna bas apne dono hatho ke fingers ko cross karna hai and then upper le jaate hue fully body ko toe se lekar hatho ke finger ko upper ki or stretch karna hai. Aise hi aap hatho ko same position se niche ki or stretch kar sakte hai uske liye bas aapke legs straight hone chahiye. Then left and right direction me bhi aapne aise hi stretch karna hai. Isse puri body stretch ho jaati hai. Isse aap alag alag karke 5 count karke hold kar sakte hai.

  1. Power Push Up Plank

Push up may be sabko hi pta hoga doston or sath hi sath plank ka bhi pta hoga. But agar Indo exercise ko ek kar de to power push up plank ke naam se jaana jaata hai. Hume bas isse ek karna hai. Hume iske liye push up vali position leni padta hai. Hand bilkul straight on floor in front of feet. As well as legs ko bhi straight rakhna padta hai or khud ko hold kare and 10 tak count kare. Then 2 push ups on your toes me kare then again hold and 10 tak count karna hai isse aap 4 more times repeat kar sakte hai. Isme aapne shoulder or back ka dhyan rakhna padta hai. Isme mostly zor abs me padta hai so vo strong bhi hota hai.

  1. Superman

Stomach laga ke let jaye or legs straight kare. Or khud ko stretch kare or bad me apne arms or legs ko same time lift kare and then hold for 10 seconds. Then relax or isse aap 4 times repeat kar sakte ho. Isse aapki puri body stretch ho jaati hai.

  1. Bicycle Abs

Back laga ke let jaaye on floor or apne hands ko head ke piche laga ke rakhe. Isme legs or feet lift hoti hai or knees 90 degree angle me bent hota hai. Apne head or shoulders ko slightly mat se lift karna hai. Then left shoulder ko right knee tak le jaana hota  hai or at the same time extend and lower left leg. Then aisa alternate sides bhi repeat karna hota hai isse aap 10 time per side kar sakte ho. Isme aapke abs par or core par asar padta hai.

  1. Lunges

Isko karne ke liye jyada kuch effort nahi marna hai bus aapko straight khadna hai and then long step forward lena hai left foot se. then slowly apne left knee ko bent kare in 90 degree angle me or aise karte time aapka back leg matlab right leg ka knee ground ko touch karega. Push up with your front leg to return to the starting position, then aap isse other side repeat kar sakte ho. Aisa karne se aapke thigh ke muscles strong honge or jisse apne thigh ki problem hai like heavy thigh vo bhi remove ho jaati hai. Isse aap 10-20 time repeat kar sakte ho both side.

  1. Cow And Cat

Ye ek yoga move hai jisse aapke lower back pain se aaram milti hai. Get down on your hands and knees, apne back ko U shape me arch kare (the swayback of a cow), then do the reverse, rounding it to form a hump (cat ki tarah). Isse aapke back ki exercise ho rahi hai or simple exercise bhi hai jisme aapko jyada effort nahi karna padta. Isse back pain dur ho jaata hai or ek achi shape bhi milti hai. Isse aap 10 time repeat kar ke one or two sets kar sakte ho.

  1. The Plank

An alternative to sits ups, iss exercise ko karne se aapke muscles ki strengthens ko support milta hai or aapko ek rock hard abs bhi milti hai. Stomach laga ke floor me let jaaye with your elbows in front of you, then slowly aapne toes ki help se rise up hoye and straighten your body like a plank. Then 10 to 20 counts tak hold kare then apne aap back down ho jaaye. Aisa aap one or two sets kar sakte hai.

So guys here we are shared with you some tips about simple exercise jisse puri body part ki kasrat ho jaati hai. Hope you like our this one article then don’t forget to share and like our article. Share your thoughts or giving your opinion then leave your comment on TOPPER GURU site. Thankx for visiting our site and to get more information about other stuff then stay tuned with us. Enjoy and Be Happy. 


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