Jab Padhne Baithe Aur Dimag Idhar Udhar Jaaye to Kya Kare

Hello doston….. kaise ho aap log? Umeed karte hai ki aapko humare article pasand aa rahe honge. Now hum aapke liye ek or new article laaye hai or uska naam hai “jab padhne baithe aur dimag idhar udhar jaaye to kya kare”. Aisa mostly students ke sath hota hai jo padhna to chahte hai but study ke baare me na soch kar dimag idhar udhar bhagne lag jaata hai. Ab aise me student kya kar sakta hai ye aaj hum aapko apne article ke through btane jaa rahe hai.

Jab Padhne Baithe Aur Dimag Idhar Udhar Jaaye to Kya Kare

Here we are sharing with you some tips about “Jab padhne baithe aur dimag idhar udhar jaaye to kya kare”. I know doston aise me burning feelings aati hai. The feeling of being powerless. Aap study to karna chahte ho but can’t even think straight. Aap overwhelmed feel karte hai. It doesn’t seem that you will hold out for much longer. Agar aap apni language learn karne par negative experiences se deal karna nahi sikhte to aap a new language nahi sikh sakte. Aap continously try karte rahoge but same thing again and again happen hoti jayegi. It’s a pattern. Aapko apni study all excited se karni chahiye but ek baar excitement khatam ho jaati hai, you are in the middle of reality. And guys reality is tough. So guys yahan kuch successful tips provide kiye jaa rahe hai jo aapko single time study me focus rakhne me help karega. Check out below…….


Agar aap inside negative forces se overwhelm (dubna) ho, to aise me usse accept karne ki jaroort samjhte ho. Kyuki ye bhi ek reason hota hai jab hum apne dimag ko study me na laga kar idhar udhar bhatkate hai. Or guys agar aap apne emotions ko accept karte ho to, aapki grip (pakad) kam ho jaati hai. Aap aise me less feel karne lagte ho and they no longer order you around. Aise me apne negative feelings ke bavjud kya chahte ho vo sochna chahiye. Accept them and let them be.


Jab aapke body me energy hoti hai tab aap frustration ke sath struggle kar rahe hote hai. You need to burn it off. So guys aise me apne MP3 player ko on kare, main course ki audio ko use kare ya uth kar thoda chale. Yes, jab aap study kar rahe ho to thoda bahut aas paas chal lena better hota hai. Ye ek effective trick hai apne emotions ko reduce karne ke liye that are bothering you.


Of course, doston apne study anxiety ko lower karne ke liye aisa experiment karte rahna chahiye. Agar aap self critical person hai then aap experiment a lot kar sakte ho. Agar aap nahi kar sakte to, apne methods me more disciplined rahne ki koshish kare. It’s easy get off track.


The most important one. And for a reason. Agar aap study session ke time frustrated ya overwhelmed feel karne lagte ho to, it’s difficult to sit it out if you have two more hours to go. However, agar aapke paas sirf 15 minutes left till your next break, the world suddenly looks a lot brighter. Agar aap apne session time ko limit me nahi rakhti hai to all other techniques bhi less successful ho jayengi. Limit your session time to 30 minutes per session – followed by a short break.


Khud ke liye kuch moment nikale. You shut your eyes and you remind yourself of:

  • Truths about learning a language.
  • What you are all doing it for.
  • Inspirational quotes.

“Spacey” hone ke liye bhi iss technique ko discard na kare. It’s not The Secret – iss miraculously karne se aap ek new language speak nahi kar paaoge. But it does make sure ki aap each session with the right mindset ke sath start kar sakoge.


Agar aapne just study start ki hai to, hum recommend karenge ki aap apna more focus apne main course me daale, but it can be very soothing to change it up a bit. So, apne vocabulary workbook or a newspaper jo aapke target language me hai grab kare and uske sath something else kare. It can prevent boredom and frustration.


Mostly humara frustration and whining originates humare deep inside se aata hai. Jitna hum sochte hai ki hum mature hai actual me hum nahi hote hai. So how do you make a child do something he doesn’t like? Right, aapke return me usse ek reward dena chahiye. Apne study time ko complete karne par khud ko reward kare. Reward me aap apne favorite television show dekhna, a piece of chocolate khana or whatever you like kar sakte ho.


Kai baar hum results ka soch soch ke study time me dimag kharab kar bethe hai or study bhi dhang se kar nahi paate hai. You’re in pain – in a negative state. Ye time khud ko evaluate karne ka nahi hai or naa hi aapke language-learning progress ka hai. Iss session me improvement ki demand mat rakhe. Just complete it. Yahi aapka goal hona chahiye. Keep at it until your time is up. Apne progress ko judge karne me agar aap mistake kar rahe hai to frustrated, unrealistically negative conclusions ke shikar ho sakte hai. Too hard karne ka try na kare. Results ka stress na le. Results come slowly. They take time. For now, apne study time ko finish karne me aapka focus hona chahiye.

So guys yahan humne aapko kuch successful tips provide kare hai. Umeed karte hai ki ye aapke liye bhi successful rahe agar aap isse follow karte hai. And don’t forget to share and like this one article. To get more information about other article then stay tuned with us and thankx for visiting our site. Enjoy and be happy. J


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