Important Questions Ko Kaise Taiyar Kare

Hello doston…. ek baar phir se welcome hai aapka TOPPER GURU me or aaj hum aapke liye laaye hai ek new topic jiska naam hai “Important Questions Ko Kaise Taiyar Kare”. As we know ki exam ke liye kuch hi months reh gaye hai or hume mostly pta hi hota hai ya teachers ke through pta chal hi jaata hai ki important questions kon kon se hai. But vo to humare upper hai ki hum usse kaise prepare karte hai. Or jab hume pta hai ki important questions kon kon se hai to exam ko le kar humara stress dur ho jaata hai or pura syllabus ready karne se bhi hum bach jaate hai. But doston important questions pta lagne se jaroori nahi ki hume padhne ki jaroort hi nahi hai. Usme success paane ke liye bhi hum study plan karni hoti hai, concentration, focus, etc. etc. ki jaroort padti hai. So aaj issi topic se related hum aapse kuch important baate share karne jaa rahe hai. Jo aapke important question ko prepare karne me aapki help karega.

Important Questions Ko Kaise Taiyar Kare

Doston jaroori nahi ki important question ka pta chal jaane se hum ache grade paane me kamyab hote hai. Successed hone ke liye study to karni hi padti hai. Jo humare mind ke sath sath body ko bhi effect karti hai. Or kehte hai ki healthy body me hi healthy mind paya jaata hai. So important questions prepare karne ke liye aapko bahut si baato ka dhayan rakhna padta hai or jisme ek hai aapki body. So guys here we are sharing with you some tips about how to prepare important questions. Check out below……..


Doston jitna jaldi aap exam ki preparation karna start kar doge utna hi exam ko lekar aap stress bhi kam paoge. Iske liye aapko exam ka wait nahi karna chahiye jab aapko pta hai ki aapke kon se questions important hai to just do it. Study hamesha regular basis me karna chahiye, jisse aapke paas better opportunity mil jayegi information ko absorb karne me and life will be a lot easier jab aap exam ke liye ache se ready ho jaoge.

Make sure ki aapke course material well organized ho taki aap sare gaps ko find kar fill kar sakte hai. Agar aap koi classes miss kar dete ho, to apne friends se notes mange kare instead of scrambling at the last minute. Ye main is liye bta rahe hai ki proper organization aapko ek better picture of the material me help karegi jo aapne apne study process me improve karke covered kiya hai.

Here are some tips to follow in creating your study plan:

  • Budget your time realistically.
  • Allocate the study time into several manageable study sessions.
  • Divide the course material into small segments and assign them to the study sessions.
  • Set clear and specific goals for the study sessions.
  • Prioritize to ensure that material weighted more heavily in the exam gets sufficient study time.
  • Take into account your familiarity with the material and the difficulty level.
  • Don’t make the study sessions too long.
  • Study sessions should have enough variety in terms of topics and activities to prevent boredom and loss of effectiveness.
  • Avoid cramming before the exam.
  • Don’t forget to include regular breaks.

Ye tips isliye provide kiya gaye hai taki important questions ho ya kuch or but study ke liye planning, organization, regular break, time setting everything bahut important hoti hai. Isliye humne sari details yahan mension ki hui hai.


Exam ke liye ab aap plan ke sath studying start kar sakte ho. Study uss location me karne ka try kare jahan aap ache se concentrate kar sake or koi interrupted bhi na ho. Important questions ko prepare karne ke liye aap group study bhi kar sakte ho friends ke sath but be careful kyuki friends ke sath kabhi kabhi time ka hum inefficient use kar dete hai. Kuch proven study tools or techniques niche bataye jaa rahe hai – kyuki people different learning styles par respond karte hai, so use what works for you.

Revising with Summary Notes

Summary notes bnakar apni reading or class notes ki ek condensed version banao. Key terms and concepts ke pinpoint and aap unhe understand kare. For example, agar ek particular topic classroom me a lot of time le raha hai to, definitely vo exam me aayega and iske liye aapko a good understanding ka hona bahut jaroori hai. Making summary notes ka jo process hai uski help se aap more information retain kar sakte ho. By writing the information thoughtfully instead of just seeing it, material ke perception ko aap develop kar sakte hai. To take this further, apne other senses ko activate kare : summary notes ko aap aloud recite kar sakte hai, even record and listen to them.

Memorizing With Flashcards

Flashcards or index cards ek good memorization tool hai. Bullet points, keywords, lists, formulas and diagrams me aapne summary notes ko reduce kare and each topic ke liye ek card me place kar de. The items on the flashcards act as memory triggers. Flashcards memorizing ke through aap triggers ke referenced information ke larger bits recall karne ki ability ko enhance kar sakte hai. Aap apne sath iss card ko carry kar sakte ho and jab bhi aapke paas short bursts of time available ho to usse review kare.

Practicing Under Exam Conditions

Important questions ka pta hona jaroori to hai but not sufficient to guarantee success on the exam – aapko chahiye ki aap exam conditions ke under answers ko effectively communicate karne me able ho. Same formate me sample questions ki practice kare and answer them in a simulated test environment. Iss process ko tabhi apply kare jab aapko entire syllabus ka pta ho. The practice session should serve as a feedback loop. Aisa karne se aap apne strengths or weaknesses ka pta laga sakte hai. Agar aap kissi ek area me weak ho to, go back and study it further to address any gaps.


Exam ki preparation karne ke chakar me aapne health ko forget na kare. Exam ke liye good mental and physical condition ka hona bahut important hai. Ek small amount of stress aapko psyched (pagal) kar sakta hai, but too much mental or physical strain aapki performance ko detrimental (hanikarak) kar sakta hai. Last thing jo aapko karna chahiye, sabotage your efforts by ignoring your well being.

After studying kuch time ke liye relax rahe. Try kare ek good night sleep ka and before study kuch na kuch eat jaroor kare jisse aapki energy build ho sake. But also avoid healthy food jo aapko drowsy bana sakti hai. Exam ke liye ek positive attitude bana ke rakhe. Exam ko ek challenge ki tarah na le balki ek knowledge ki demonstration ki tarah le.

So guys here we are shared with you some tips about how to prepare important questions. Umeed karte hai ki aapko humara aaj ka topic pasand aaya hoga then don’t forget to share and like this one article. To get more information about other article then stay tuned with us and thankx for visiting our site. Enjoy and be happy. Happy New Year friends. May God bless you.


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