Exam Tension (Stress) Ko Kaise Kam Kare

Exam se pahle every student ko life me exam stress ka samna karna hi padta hai. Ek student ki life ka unavoidable part hota hai. Remember, stress exists for a reason and aap isse apne downfall ho jaane ya aap apne kaam me improve karne ke liye drive karne ke liye iska use karne ke liye choose kar sakte hai. To combat exam stress, firstly aapko anxiety hone ka reasons understand karna hoga. Ab dosto anxiety actuall me hai kya chaliye jaante hai niche:

Exam Tension (Stress) Ko Kaise Kam Kare


  • Upcoming exams ke liye excessive worry hona.
  • Fear of being evaluated.
  • Consequences (paridam) ke baare me apprehension (akansha).
  • Many normal students se experienced lena.
  • Understanding me mysterious ya difficulty ka aana.
  • Manageable by following a plan of helpful suggestions.

Doston aise four main areas hai jahan par hum exam anxiety ko contribute karte hai:

Lifestyle Issues:

  • Inadequate rest
  • Poor nutrition
  • Too many stimulants
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Not scheduling available time
  • Not prioritising commitments

Information Needs:

  • Strategies for exam-taking
  • Academic information : course requirements, lecturer’s expectations, exam dates and exam location
  • Jab exam se pahle study karte hai to hume knowledge honi chahiye ki kaise hum anxiety reduction techniques ko apply kar sakte hai.

Poor Studying Styles:

  • Ineffiecient: inconsistent (asangat) content ko coverage, textbook yaad karne ki koshish karna, bring studying, exams se pahle all night study karna.
  • Ineffective: without understanding reading karna, material ko recall na karna, revision notes ko na banana, revise na karna.


  • Believe In Yourself

Doston kuch bhi karne ke liye ya life me aage badne ke liye khud me vishwas ka hona bahut jaroori hai, but over confidence nhi. Agar aap kissi exams ki preparation me lage hue ho to aapko properly ache se karna hai, meaning that worry ki isme koi jaroort hai hi nahi. Worry karna aapke performance ko kharab karna, mind divert karna, concentration ko kharab kar dena etc. etc. hone lag jaata hai. So its better ki kuch bhi kaam karne ke liye khud par vishwas banna sikhe.

  • Avoid Bad Things

Mere sath bhi hota hai jab date exam ke najdik aane lag jaati hai to bad things mind me aane lag jaate hai. Par aise me hume yahi to avoid karna hai. Hume mostly unn people ya things ko avoid karna chahiye jo aapke self confidence, focus and level of relaxation ko disturb karte hai. Anxious or talkative students ko bhi avoid karna chahiye. Or bad things me hum ek or thing add karte hai vo hai full night study karna. Doston exam se pahle ek night full study karna bad thing hai jisse humara stree badta jaata hai. And last definitely avoid arriving late.

  • Try To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Anxiety tab increase ho jaati hai jab hum tired feel, run down ya overwhelmed hone lag jaate hai. Overall ye sab humare physical or mental health par depend karta hai, which can be strengthened by:

  1. Enough movement and exercise (vs. Couch potato lifestyle)
  2. Balanced life (vs. Over stress)
  3. Positive thoughts/beliefs (vs. Self defeating thoughts/cynicism)
  4. Health focus (vs. Self neglect)
  5. Replenishing nutrition (vs. Junk food)
  6. Regular and adequate sleep (vs. Late night lifestyle)
  • Take A Deep Breath

Deep breath hume relax karti hai. Iske liye three seconds tak hold rakhna chahiye. Exhale karte time aapna head, jaw and shoulders ko drop kare. Apni neck, jaw and shoulders me easy breathe le or aaram se relaxed state me phir se breathe le and repeat cycle once or twice. Aap iss method ko exam ke time try kar sakte ho isse aap calm feel karoge.

  • Total Tension Release (beth kar or let kar diya jaata hai)

  1. Tense your whole body one part at a time.
  2. Lift your toes and tense both calves.
  3. Tense your thighs and buttocks.
  4. Tighten your abdomen.
  5. Tense your chest and back.
  6. Tighten your arms and clench your fists.
  7. Tense your neck and clench your jaw.
  8. Tightly close your eyes.
  9. Take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds.
  10. Let your breath and the tension in your body go all at once.
  11. Feel the tension leave your body.
  • Relaxation Sanctuary (Useful In The Exam)

  1. Focus on the inner screen of your mind’s eye
  2. Imagine your ideal, safe, relaxing place
  3. Close your eyes
  4. In your mind, send yourself there for 15 to 30 seconds
  5. Breathe easily and enjoy the relaxation
  6. And sabse important baat SMILE
  7. Take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth

So guys kaisa laga humara aaj ka topic. Umeed karte hai ye aapke exam stress ko reduce karne me help karegi but doston uske liye iss article ko padhna to jaroori hai hi but also isse follow karna bhi important hai. And don’t forget to share and like this one article on TOPPER GURU. Thankx for visiting our site and to get more information about other article then stay tuned with us. Enjoy and Be Happy.


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