Exam Me Kis Tarah Ke Questions Pahle Kare

Exam me different types ke questions aate hai ab dosto ye to sara subject par depend karta hai. So aaj isse se related hum aapse kuch tips share karne jaa rahe hai or aaj ka humara topic hai “Exam Me Kis Tarah Ke Questions Pahle Kare”. Aisi mistake hum exam ke time jaroor kar dete hai jisse humara adha time aise hi waste ho jaata hai or kabhi kabhi humara adha paper bhi miss ho jata hai just because ki hume pta nahi hota ki exam me kaise questions pahle karne chahiye.

Exam Me Kis Tarah Ke Questions Pahle Kare

Doston aaj hum aapke liye bahut important topic share kar rahe hai kyuki exam bhi almost sabke aane vaale hai or preparation bhi zoro shoro se chal rahi hogi. To aise me kaise exam ke time ko ache se use kiya jaye ye btane ke liye kuch tips hum aapse share karne jaa rahe hai. Check out below…….


Sabse pahle guys short answer questions ko karna chahiye agar aapko answer pta hai to. Short answer questions ek reasonably short answer ki require hoti hai – a few words or a short paragraph ya dono ke beech kuch bhi ho. The number of marks allocated often given an indication of the length required.

Jab bhi aap short answer questions ki study kare to, niche diye gaye points par concentrate jaroor kare:

  • Terminology
  • Names
  • Facts
  • Concepts and theories and examples underpinning them
  • Similarities and differences.

Tips for answering short questions

  • Plan your time and apne time ke allocation ko stick kare.
  • Apne answers ko short rakhe – question ko rewrite karne ki jaroort nahi hai.
  • Likhne se pahle quickly answers ko plan kare.
  • More information dene ki jaroort nahi hai, jitna pucha gya ho utna hi answer de kyuki isse aapko koi extra marks nahi milenge balki ulta aapka time waste hoga.
  • Try to answer all the questions.
  • Jin questions ke liye aap ache se sure nahi ho unke liye kuch line chor de taki aap isse baad me likh sake ya end me jab aapke paas time ho.


Multiple choice questions ek question ya first half of a sentence se milkar banta hai and possible responses (usually between 3 and 5) ke ek number provide karte hai.  Aapko isme se ek answer choose karna padta hai – the most correct – from those provided.

Multiple choice questions ki study karte time hume kuch points ko concentrate karna chahiye:

  • Terminology
  • Names
  • Facts
  • Concepts and theories and examples underpinning them
  • Similarities and differences.

Tips for answering multiple choice questions

  • Before you start writing quickly all questions and the options ko read karna chahiye.
  • Jin questions ke liye aap sure nahi ho usse mark kare so that you can come back to them at the end, if you have time.
  • You are sure of first, unn questions ka answer pahle de.
  • Then try the others. Obviously wrong answers ko eliminate karne ke through start kare mtlab unke through ek line draw kare.
  • Watch out for negatives.
  • Apne time allocation ko dekhe – agar time’s up ho gya hai to decide kare ki usse solve karna hai ya chorna hai.
  • Apne first answer ko change na kare unless you are really sure – your first, instinctive, choice is usually right.
  • multiple choice question ko kabhi bhi leave (chode) nhi. Agar aapke exam me negative marking hai to usse chod dena samajhdari hai.


Aise questions ke liye essay type answer likhne ki jaroort padti hai. Essay type questions me a few paragraphs to a few pages bhi aa sakte hai. Koi bhi reference list ko include na kaare but you should acknowledge the sources of your information. Marks bhi ussi hisaab se milte hai jitna aapke answer ki length hoti hai.

When studying for essay questions:

  • Possible questions ki ek number ko predict karne ki koshish kare.
  • Iske liye apne course material or textbooks ke past exam papers, corrected assignments or revision type questions ki help se possible questions ko identify karne me help milti hai.
  • Work out model answers.
  • Exam conditions ke under hi essays likhne ki practise kare : plan an essay and write it out in full; time yourself.

Tips for answering essay questions in the exam

  • Carefully questions ko read kare and then each question ko analyse kare so that aap sure ho jaye ki aap understand kar chuke what they mean aur  vo aapse kya janna chahte hai.
  • Brainstorm ideas and plan your answers, apne answers ko plan karne ke liye aap mind-map ko use karne ka try kar sakte ho.
  • Write down some key words: for example – apka answer five main points ka hai, so note them down, each point ko kuch key words ke sath.
  • Question ke answer ko start karne ke liye briefly rephrasing kare – iske liye apne own words ko use kare.
  • Each main idea or topic ke liye new paragraph ko use kare. Back up each topic with supporting detail.
  • New paragraphs ko start karne ke liye kuch lines ko chore – taki baad me aap kuch or information ko add kar sake.
  • Leave wide margins for the marker.
  • Stick to your time allocation.
  • Neatly and proofread likhne ka try kare.
  • Agar aap time se piche chal rahe ho to, note down your main ideas and key words so that examiner ko pta chale ki aap essay likhne jaa rahe the – iss way se aapko kuch additional marks milne ke chances hote hai.


This type of question requires you to solve a problem using calculations. Inhe end me hi solve karna chahiye.

When studying for problems/computational questions:

  • Key vocabulary ke sath hi theories and formulas ko jaane. Make sure aapko pta ho ki kab or kaise formulas ko apply karna hai.
  • Practice – this type of question ke sath jitna bhi practice karoge utna hi perfect banoge.
  • Past exam papers, set texts or apne course materials ke hissab se practice karni chahiye.
  • Questions ko sirf read hi na kare – answer them in full, writing each step down as if it were an exam.

Tips for answering problems/computational questions

  • Before you start, questions or instructions ko carefully read kare.
  • Instruction words ko underline kare and make sure ki exactly kya required hai.
  • Jab aap decide kar loge ki aapko kya karna hai, formulas and methods ko write down kare and use kare, if applicable.
  • Show your workings clearly, even aapka answer wrong or incomplete hai to uske bhi aapko kuch marks mil sakte hai.
  • Drawings and diagrams ke liye pencil ka use kare.
  • Drawing and diagrams ko jyada hi small na banaye.
  • Label drawings and diagrams and include headings.

So guys different type ke question ke liye humne kuch tips yahan provide kiye hai umeed karte hai ki aapko samjh bhi aaye honge or pasand bhi aaye honge. So don’t forget to share and like this one article on TOPPER GURU. Thankx for visiting our site and stay tuned with us to get more information about other article. Enjoy and be happy.   🙂


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