Exam Ki Final Taiyari Kaise Kare | Exam Prepration Tips

All students ke liye finals week stress se bhare hue hote hai because doston aisa humare sath bhi hota hai. So, Knowing ki kaise finals ki properly preparation kare vo bhi stress or every single one of your exams ko avoid kare bina. Of course, all students receiving masaages to feel relaxed. But, we all know this isn’t really possible. There needs to be a uniform way to assess our performance as students and aisa mostly finals me happen hota hai. So hum apne stress ko kaise dur kar sakte hai and know that we are on the right track to excel in each course? Well, here kuch proven methods provide karne jaa rahe hai that final exams ke liye better focused kar sake. Check out below……..Exam Ki Final Taiyari Kaise Kare

Say NO To Cramming

Study in intervals. 20-50 minute ki studying me increments or khud ko 5-10 minutes ke liye cramming me lagana time waste hi hota hai. So apne learning system ko change kro jisme aap long term benefits ki bajaye short period me hi study ache se kar paao. So cramming ko NO kaho.

Say YES To Cardio

Science say that 20 minutes ki cardio aapki memory ko improve karne me aage hoti hai. Whether aap dancing kare ya jogging ya walking karke aapne sweat ko busting kare etc. etc. exercise aapke energy level ko increase hi karti hai or sath hi sath stress ke effects ko reduce bhi karti hai. Very important.

Eat Super Foods/Antioxidants

Sabko pta hota hai ki breakfast kitna important hota hai. Research suggests that high crab, high fiber, slow digesting foods like oatmeal best hota hai. But what you eat a week in advance matters, too. Jab 16 college ke students par attention and thinking speed me test kiya to, jisme fed a five day high fat, low carb diet heavy on meat, eggs, cheese and cream diya gya and tested again, to unka performance declined ho gya. Jo students balanced diet khate hai jaise fruit and vegetables unki performance increase hui. Jab aap study karte ho to, to aapka brain glucose consumes karta hai, so take a five minute break every hour taki aapki body ko fuel produce hota rahe study ke liye. Healthy snack eat karne se beneficial hi milta hai and can make a significant difference (almonds, fruit and yogurt are good choices.)

Alternate Study Spots

Apne finals routine ko shake up kare. All night library me spend karna draining ho sakta hai. In an experiment, psychologist ne found kiya ki college students who studied a list of 40 vocabulary words in two different rooms – ek room me windowless and cluttered or dusra modern jisme courtyard ka view hai – or issi ka result dusre room vale students jo words ko twice karne study kar rahe the se jyada acha nikla. Why? Supposedly, brain makes subtle associations between what it is studying and the background sensations it has at the time. So alternating study spots ko try kare between the library, ek study room me ya ek quiet coffee house me.

Time Management

Cramming causes anxiety, jo ki information ko lene ki ability ko low kar deta hai. Ek balanced study plan or schedule create karne se, aap each subject ko study karne me kamyab ho sakte ho jisse aapki entirety or ultimately test performance boost ho jaati hai.

Avoid The All Night

Almost every college students apni all night study me laga dete hai, but it is a bad idea. Psychology ke hisaab se, all nighters apne reasoning or memory ko as long as four days tak kharab hi kar dete hai. As a result, aap lower grades receive karte ho. But that’s not all, aapko next morning forcefully uthna padta hai and that’s bad too. Aisa sab karne se interfere with rapid eye movement (REM) jo ki aids memory hai ho sakti hai. So, full night ache se sleep kare agar aap exam me ache se perform karna chahte hai to.

Minimize Distractions

Research shows that agar students study ke time music prefer karte hai, friends ko text karna ya television ko dekhna prefer karte hai to, that way vo information ko store karne me kamyab nahi ho paate hai. Agar aap music hi sunna chahte ho to, instrumental music prefer kare.

Maximize Practice Testing

Iske liye to aapko highlighting, reading or summation ke baare me sochna chahiye jo study ke effective ways ke roop me jaane jaate hai. Think again. A 2013 study, improving students learning with effective learning techniques ne found kiya ki ye sari techniques students ki performance ko consistently boost nahi karti. Agar aap practice hi karna chahte ho to aap flashcards, or taking practice exams ke through kar sakte ho jo ek highly effective studying technique ko observed karta hai.

So guys here we are shared with you some awesome tips about exam ki final tayari kaise kare or exams preparation tips. Umeed karte hai ki aapko humara aaj ka article pasand aaya hoga Then like and share karna na bhule. Aap hume freely comment bhi kar sakte hai. Thankx for visiting our site and to get more information about other article then stay tuned with us. Enjoy and Be happy. 😛 🙄


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