Bacche Ka Mind Sharp Karne Ke Liye Kya Kare

All children are different. Or different children ke paas brain development ke levels bhi different hote hai. Ussi hissab se unka learning system bhi different hota hai. In other words, brain development among different children varies largely. Every parents chahte hai ki unka children smart or intelligent ho. However, the terms like “intelligence”, “sharp”, “shrewd” and “smart” are relative and a somewhat illusionary (dhoka dene vala). Or jyada se jyada, parents classroom performance or scholastic ability ke sath above mentioned terminologies se link banate rahte hai. Parents also want ki unka baccha good marks and grades score ke through better perform kare.

Bacche Ka Mind Sharp Karne Ke Liye Kya Kare

Parents everywhere yahi dekhte hai ki baccho ke paas electronic overload ka ek trend ban gaya hai. Jaise ki video games, iPods, laptops, smartphones and endless texting back and forth to friends, inn sab ki vajah se aaj ke bacche activities that stimulate both their brains and their bodies. Electronics me indulge ke liye kids ko time allow karna wrong nahi hai. Because it is the digital age, after all. But electronic moderation ki kunji hai or parents ko chahiye ki vo on a daily basis par unke brain or unke body ko rouse (jagana) ke liye kids ko encourage karna chahiye.

So guys today I am going to share with you some useful tips specially for parents that will help keep your children’s bain sharp and agile. Check out below to get more information.

  • Read Everything and Anything

Ek best gifts jo hum ek hungry brains ko de sakte hai or vo hai KNOWLEDGE. As we know that reading still ek most effective way hai jiske through hum new things learn karte hai. Chapter books certainly wonderful hoti hai, to aap bhi iss tarah ke cookbooks, nutritional labels, newpapers, magazines, menus, travel itineraries and movie schedules ke roop me read karne ke liye apne kids ko other materials de sakte hai. Aise me aap unke understanding ka test le sakte hai ki aapke kids ne kya read kiya hai. Let them read aloud to you, to their siblings, to neighbors and to grandparents as often as possible. Jab aapke kids ne something read kiya hai ke baad aap unke sath interact kare, thinking samne rakhe, respond kare or unki creativity ko engage kare.

  • Keep Them Active

Kids jo outside khelte hai, on the swings, on the jungle gym, in the sandbox, riding their bikes or involved in an organized sport such as gymnastics jo aapke bodies or imaginations ko engage karke rakhta hai. Kids who are playing video games and watching TV are not. Guys it’s that simple. Physical activity humare mental activity ko stimulates karti hai, so get your kids moving.

  • Learn A New Hobby

Apne kids ki age appropriate interest ko jaane jo aapke child ne isse pahle kabhi try na kiya ho. Jaise ki building a model airplane, learning to pain a still life, taking a pottery class etc. etc. jo bhi aj kal me popular hai. Jab brain new skills sikhne lagega, tab brain apne aap sharp hone lagega.

  • Play Memory Games

Kids ko focused karne ke liye memory game se acha koi or cheez ho hi nahi sakti. Agar aap kids ke samne 8 items in a box ko rakho, then usse 45 seconds tak dekhne do and then take it away. Uske baad box me jo item pade the unke name unse puche. It’s super simple yet extremely effective and even unn kids ke liye better hai jo abhi involved hue hai because it creates a bit of competition. Another great memory game hai concentration. 52 playing cards ke deck grab karo and spread them out face down. Every card ki location yaad rakhe taki uske paris ke sath match kar sake. Younger kids ke liye fun game hai, jo cards ko enjoy karte hai with their favorite cartoon characters like Dora, SpongeBob etc. etc.

  • Math Activities In The Kitchen And In The Store

Families kitchen me ek sath apne time ke majority spend karte hai. Parents ke liye ye ek wonderful opportunity hai ki vo apne kids’s minds ko mathematically thinking karva sake. Iske liye unhe kitchen me koi job de that will require them to figure out match in their heads. Apne children ko help ke liye puche ki how to make half of a recipe or how to double the recipe. Iske liye unhe each ingredient ke amounts show kare and explain kare ki aapko exactly half or twice ke liye kitna jaroort hai. Numerical division se aap unhe encourage kar sakte hai, if they’re old enough.

  • Puzzles And Construction Projects

Brain ki exercise ke liye crossword puzzles, word searches and the popular game of Sudoku ek great way hai. Iske liye kids ko ghanto ki jaroort nahi hai. Ek din me 15 minutes spend karna bhi perfect hai. Another wonderful way brains thinking is by allowing them creative play time with construction items like Lego, Wooden Blocks, building card houses, constructing sand castles and playing with big foam blocks etc. etc. Around the age of 3 child learn how to fit pieces together or build more complex structures. 4 year old me designs, patterns, their structures ko recognize karna. And soon after, kids ki school age start ho jaati hai learn to recreate structures like the police station or their school.

So guys here we are shared with you some good tips about bacche ka mind sharp karne ke liye kya kare. Umeed karte hai iss article ke through aapko help mili hogi. Then don’t forget to share and like this one article. Thankx for visiting our site and to get more information about other article then stay tuned with us. 😛  🙂


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